The Common Reasons Why PPC Campaigns aren’t Working Properly


Over the past years, pay-per-click (PPC), marketing has been a major part of digital marketing. 45% use paid media. You will often get impressive results if you do it right. Some mistakes can jeopardize your Google Ads and Bing campaigns’ success. These mistakes can be easily corrected with a PPC management company.

Below is a list of PPC errors we frequently make and how campaign management services can help.

Sending visitors to your homepage

Sending traffic to your homepage is one of the biggest mistakes in PPC. This is because the page with the highest bounce rates will be referred to. Usually, the homepage doesn’t contain the information the user needs, so the user has to search for it. This could result in them losing interest in your company and their potential business.

Instead, take them to a landing site with specific information that is related to their search. Google’s quality scores are a great tool for Google Ads. These scores can be used to determine the page to which the advert should be sent. If you don’t already have a landing site for the search term, create one.

A PPC management company marketing can ensure that your landing pages are relevant and informative by either creating a new landing page or selecting one already in place.

Bidding for position number one

Although being number one is the ideal position for everyone, it may not be the best strategy for your PPC campaign. While being number one will drive more traffic to your website, it might not be the most cost-effective. It can be costly to get the top spot, and it may not be worth the cost of the leads you receive.

You may not get as many clicks if you choose position 2, or 3. However, they will be cheaper and of higher quality.

Our PPC campaign management services include weekly maintenance to ensure we remain at the top of every keyword bid. It is important to regularly review the top of page 1 bid prices.

Missing Extensions

Extensions allow you to expand your advert by adding additional information. This will make your search results page more dominant. Extensions include additional website links and phone numbers that allow the searcher to get the exact information they need, but also give them the option to explore further. A common mistake is that people miss out on this opportunity or don’t utilize it to its full extent.

No matching keywords to your ad copy

Negative keywords are attention span has decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 down to 8.25 seconds by 2015. This affects the searcher’s choice of what to do online. If your ad copy does not match the keywords searched, they will be less likely to click on your link. Your quality score will improve by making sure your keywords are used in the landing page copy and ad copy. Google will display your ads more if they are well-written and optimized. It is worth improving your quality score.

Not adding negative keywords

Negative keywords are words or phrases that block your ad’s ability to be triggered by certain words and phrases. These keywords are crucial because they limit the search terms that your ad appears in. This means that you will receive traffic that is relevant to your ads and will increase the chance of a conversion.

We can help you create individual lists of negative keywords to use in your PPC campaigns and ad group. This mistake can also be corrected by our team of experts through campaign maintenance. We continue to add to the negative keywords lists and get rid of words that are not performing well.

We will create ad copy that includes your keywords so you can be sure your ad will use your keywords.

We are an inclusive PPC Management Service and can help you get the best results out of your Google Ads and Bing campaigns.

We would love to talk with you about your PPC Management needs in Dorset if you feel you might benefit from our service. We have successfully managed eCommerce PPC campaigns for more than 20 businesses. This includes a wide range of industries, including law, travel, construction, and retail.

Mike Patel is a digital marketing enthusiast, innovator and President of a leading Digital and E-commerce Development Agency in Dallas, Texas. Mike holds a BS, Computer Science degree from Wayne State University and is a key player in the E-commerce development and digital marketing industry since 2004. The scope of technology in his extensive experience of more than 15 years ranges from Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click) management, E-commerce SEO, Google Shopping Ads and more.

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